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A poetry chapbook

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“The poems in this wonderful, gritty chapbook are full of wicked humor and a deep generosity of spirit…”

“—they forgive all our reckless foibles. The brilliant images— packed tight, one after another—create friction, throw off glorious sparks of insight and understanding. Christina Kallery doesn't miss a thing. She finds the "tells" most of us are reluctant to acknowledge as we try to bluff our way through life as best we can. I love being in these poems among all the ‘dingbat romantics.’ My kind of crowd, and, I'm betting, yours too.”

—Jim Daniels, poet and writer

“Adult Night at Skate World contains some of the most wondrous poems I’ve read in years—beautifully observed, funny, and transporting. There’s so much heart here, so much empathy. By the end, we feel comforted to be among the lonesome and the lost.”

— Davy Rothbart, Author of My Heart is an Idiot, editor of FOUND Magazine, and contributor to This American Life

“In this much-anticipated and brilliant debut collection, Christina Kallery’s full-hearted poems avert our gaze from the spot-lit glow into the forlorn, palpable scene way offstage…”

— Robert Fanning, Author of Severance, Our Sudden Museum, American Prophet, and The Seed Thieves

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About Christina

Christina Kallery’s poetry has appeared in The Collagist, GargoyleFailbetterRattle and Mudlark, among other publications and anthologies, including a forthcoming anthology about Detroit music. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she has served as submissions editor for Absinthe: A Journal of World Literature in Translation and poetry editor for Failbetter.  She currently lives in Detroit.